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re: FTL Law



Brief history

The name FTL came to be from a strong devotion to Dage’s Dark Legion, during the Bday of 2012 For the Legion was created in awe and celebration of such a momentous occasion. Unknowing of what had begun the guild quickly grew to 15 members during the event and held through to a few months after; deciding to expand the member capacity was raised directly to 50. Under the advisory of Gundred VII and Herobrian 1517, the guild fast reached 40 members and in attempts to become more known throughout the server FTL waged war against Fairy (the top guild of Yorumi at the time) after finding success and glory against its slumbering giant FTL strived to eventually becoming known as the best. Facing adversary after adversary; Majinn, Yulgar etc the amount of enemies were endless however this did not waver the ever growing guild, many known heroes and veterans are still here today; Scorpi3n, 2cool4u6,omp3188omp, Bridport, putfanser and ABZJ. FTL expanded with its first branch guild FTL2 Lead by Gundred and officered by Gold moon dragon (frost dragon lord) and a healthy 12K ACs for 50 member slots, it grew just as fast due to such demand to join FTL. Realising FTL was growing quickly FTL3 was created to home more members Lead by Herobrian and another 12K ACs for 50 slots was put in place, 150 possible members was FTL at that time knowing Yorumi was no limit we expanded and went cross servers.

Alina was to be our first target for guild expansion and so FTL2 made their way to conquer it from its top guild which happened to be at the time The Regal Society, using shock and awe tactics FTL made martyrs of them and formed an alliance that exists this day, FTL3 moved on Safaria a known PVP server.  Though it is rare to find FTL members there, there is the occasional remnant afked in Yulgar hidden from the world, Expanding was no problem through the use of MOTDs however maintaining constant guild communication it was difficult since FTL was spread out so far. The guild system slowly collapsed without proper communication and many members fled and only the truly loyal remained it was known as FTL’s Fall, and with this came inactivity amongst the remaining. Now Officer in FTL Abzj devised that we clean the slate removing players inactive for however long no questioned asked, this notion of removal and re-recruitment was discussed and argued thoroughly until it was accepted and within the day FTL’s members reduced to just the 20 believed to be active enough to be unaffected. Without this plan FTL would not stand today this is certain. Slowly the guilds FTL 2 and 3 gained activeness and quantity of members, though this wasn’t enough to ***ure quality botting and player reputation was an issue amongst the guilds of Yorumi this thought was also put in place. Recruitment began and all guilds were once again put into power, though players didn’t meet the requirements FTL recruitment was started for any player wishing to join, a guild where members could train as much as possible with the help of FTL Leaders and officers.

This is a brief history any questions please ask.

1. Requirements

All requirements must be met when recruiting, whether it be head hunting* or if someone wishes to join the FTL guild, the initial recruitments are set strictly by the leader of the corresponding FTL guild. Any officer can promote the idea of other requirements which are to be approved and then set in place by the Leader.

FTL – Level 50+, One Legion set required (gained by Legion Tokens), activeness is required (4-7 logins a week) a decent charpage** ; an ***ortmentof badges and more than 30 inventory space, Aligned with Good or Evil cannot be neutral, Must NOT have a bad reputation and play mainly on the Yorumi server.

FTL2 - Level 40+, One Legion set required (gained from ACs or Legion Tokens),members can be inactive for a short period of time (2-7 logins a week), a decent charpage; an ***ortment of badges and more than 30 bag space, can be a neutral hero, Must NOT have a bad reputation and play mainly on the Yorumi server.

FTL3 – Level 30+, 2 Legion items of different category e.g. Armour and sword, not helm and helm (gained from ACs or Legion tokens) members can be inactive for a moderate period of time (one lengthy login a week) a decent charpage; an ***ortment of badges and more than 30 bag space, can be a neutral hero, Must NOT have a bad reputation on the Yorumi server, can play ANY server.

FTL4 – Level 20+, One Legion item required of any type (gained by whatever means necessary), members may be inactive or active as much as the player desires, little responsibility is needed however mustn’t have a bad reputation on Yorumi server, can play any server.

FTL5 6 – Requirements have not been set, these guilds exist however should be treated as they do not.

FTL legacy – Lead by Chairman Gunderson it is the least active guild, though it has a Level 15+ requirement it is strictly for lowest levelled FTL members that hardly play though wish to apart of FTL none the less.

FTL Recruitment – Must have a desire to join FTL, Any level is excepted 1-60, members must eventually gain Legion items and a required level to join higher FTL guilds, can have any amount of items and badges on their charpage, Botting is forbidden to level up or gaining cl*** rank, If the guild becomes full please remove least active members also members that have shown no attempt to level up or show improvement, Remember quality over quantity.

Other FTL guilds – FTL Galaxy, FTL girls, FTL.

FTL paragons

2. Recruitment

Every FTL guild is now to recruit in the same manner as the main guild, it is as follows;
- Once a player wishes to become a member an officer must be informed.
- The officer will deliberate upon this player’s charpage and general reputation on the server.
- 2 officers are required to make a decision on whether to recruit or not.
- Even Leaders must have say from another officer to prevent guild disruptions and communication errors, with the exception of there being a number of members in agreeance to the recruitment.
-This ensures that even members get a say in who comes and goes from the guild, this is the only exception to the recruitment process. (4-5 members)
- If another officer is not available a waiting process must take place utilising the FTL recruitment guild as a waiting list.
- A deliberation and acceptance of the player will take place once an officer is online, recruitment when 2 have accepted the player.
- Members must always refer to an officer if help is needed with recruitment or any other issues.

When recruiting there are a number of things to look for in a player that wishes to join simple tricks and things to do to tell if they are a serious player or botter/spammer/troll.
- Botters cannot go as low on the screen as others (try it out) and sometimes run faster than normal, invite them to battle a boss and if they respawn in that same room they bot.
- Trolls will most likely leave early or attempt to cause as much disruption in the guild as possible, please find out a bit of the players past before recruiting them.
-Spammers, though rare will usually try to promote another guild while being a part of one targets include large guilds such as ours, avoid these players.
If players do not fill our requirements and show signs of these attributes please disregard them however be polite about it, being an officer you are representing FTL.

3. Rules

Adventure quest worlds
FTL is a Guild upon the Yorumi server within AQW and as such it is obliged to follow the simple rules set down by AE to ensure a fun and safe gaming environment for all players of the MMORPG.
- Do not cheat, hack or make any attack on the servers in any way. This includes any trainers, shop loaders, quest loaders, bots or anything that can be considered a 3rd party hacking/cheating program or tool.
- Do not share, trade, give or sell your account to anyone, Do not share or post personal information anywhere in-game or on the forums.
- Do not use any ***ually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language towards players or members of FTL.
- You are subject to the Terms and Conditions of AE.
-Never continue an argument with a fellow FTL member, please refer the issue to an officer of your guild or of any FTL guild, so it can quickly be resolved.
- Do not claim to be better or more powerful than any other FTL guild member, we are all one guild and fight together as one, though separated united we stand.
- Common sense must prevail over any situation think before doing anything rash or judgemental.
-If a player is removed/leaves, please inform one or all officers either on AQW or through the Facebook FTL chat system with your reasoning, failure to do so may result in the player NOT being re-recruited.
Any breaking of these rules will result in a duffering, guild ban or ultimately permanent removal from FTL all together and submitted for moderator review, depending on the incident. You as members are responsible for the upholding of FTL’s reputation it is your guild as much as it is anyone else’s we are the best there is was or ever will be, act like it.

Since FTL is no longer based solely on AQW; FB is used to communicate ideas and thoughts much more directly and swiftly throughout the entire FTL network of guilds. Using such a site you are responsible for your own action on your accounts, especially when it comes to sharing your name with others and of what you post to your respected pages. Similar to the AQW rules please use common sense when it comes to guild chatting, you are responsible for what you say and how you respond, it is within everyone’s rights to report you to the appropriate authorities being moderators, online support or even law enforcement (though unlikely) depending on the level of seriousness the issue is, and this may result in a ban, account disablement or the extreme case of jail time.
-FB chat is used as an instant guild communication system Do Not over use this ability or misuse it.

By accepting to join FTL or any of the FTL guilds listed above you are accepting to obey each and every rule set in place by the FTL Law, this acts as a guide to all members, officers and Leaders past present and future. Any breaking of the rules will result in a duffering, ban or permanent removal without questioned. By this being set in place everyone should now act as one and truly understand the concept of FTL.

Those who impersonate the dead are forever condemned to join our ranks, All hail the Legion!"

Bibliography; Headhunting: To purposefully recruit specific member of other guilds without hesitation or remorse for that guild.
Charpage: The account of a player and their achievements gained during play or purchases.

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re: FTL Law


where do you go to meet these requirements to join the guild


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re: FTL Law



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